Utilizando tecnologia de ponta e valorizando pessoas, a TAUNSA Agricultura cresceu e expandiu seus negócios.

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New opportunities for the rural producer. Supply of agricultural inputs to the rural producer with receipt in grains.

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Grain storage. Grain transactions on a stock exchange with reduced brokerage fees.

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Exportação e importação de grãos e produtos agrícolas. Oceanos de Grãos: supersafras, colheitas recordes, mares de soja.

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A Logística vem auxiliando gestores e empresários na promoção da melhoria contínua da cadeia de produção.

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"After all, Agro is part
of our History."

Cleidson Augusto Cruz
CEO - Taunsa Group



The activities of Grupo TAUNSA began in Araçatuba/SP, in 2008, with the creation of Taunsa Agropecuária. Initially, the company was limited to milk production. Soon, its activities were expanded, within the entrepreneurial vision of its founder, Cleidson Augusto Cruz.

Noticing the transformation of the world scenario in the grain segment and the growing expansion of soybean planting in Brazil, TAUNSA started its activities in agriculture with the acquisition of land in the state of Mato Grosso. With this, it was possible for TAUNSA to acquire expertise in the planting, storage and trading of soy and corn in the country and in West African countries.

Currently, TAUNSA is formed by four major areas of agribusiness: Commodities, Agriculture, Agribusiness and Trade, acting in a safe and profitable way, with social and environmental responsibility, in its activities in national and international markets, providing products and services tailored to the needs of its clients and contributing to the development of agribusiness in Brazil and in the countries of its clients.



Capacity of up to 270 thousand tons per harvest

Investment of approximately 32 million reais per unit

Management and storage structure for transgenic and non-transgenic products

34 units, built in 3 phases, at strategically defined points to serve the grain crops

The agricultural sector currently has shares of around 21% of Brazil's GDP and represents 48% of Brazilian exports.” TAUNSA solutions come to meet the needs of the rural market: construction of modern storage units, modernization of structures and equipment in the countryside Transparent and solid commercial transactions are essential for Brazilian competitiveness on the international stage.



Taunsa Group has companies qualified to provide various services, raising the standard of performance in the market, going far beyond agribusiness.



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Using state-of-the-art technology and valuing people, TAUNSA Agricultura grew and expanded its business in the planting of soybeans and corn based on the principles of ethics, transparency and respect for the environment


Com operações nacional e internacional, a TAUNSA comercializa insumos agrícolas aos produtores rurais com recebimento em grãos, atividade que contribui para o desenvolvimento da região, abrindo mercado e gerando oportunidades. Reforçando o compromisso com nossos clientes.


Year after year, Brazil has been breaking records of super harvests and with it the demand for storage grows, one of the biggest bottlenecks in agricultural production in the country. Thinking about meeting this demand with good practices and the use of innovative technologies in grain storage, TAUNSA developed a project for the construction of 34 units with a capacity of one and a half million bags each, which will serve strategic points in the state of Mato Grosso, Rondônia and the Matopiba region (Maranhão, Tocantis, Piauí and Bahia), in addition to three port units, Miritituba/PA, Macapá/AP and Santos/SP


TAUNSA operates in the export and import of grains and agricultural inputs, with a forecast of more than 1 billion investment.


Using state-of-the-art technology and valuing people, TAUNSA Agricultura grew and expanded its business in the planting of soybeans and corn based on the principles of ethics, transparency and respect for the environment


Offering quality products exceeding the expectations of our customers and partners, establishing long-lasting relationships based on ethics and socio-environmental responsibility, promoting and recognizing the growth of our human capital


To be a reference in the national and international agricultural market, integrating financial growth with reduced environmental impact and social development.